Transforming Drug Development and Personalized Therapy

AI Powered Platform

Accurate Prediction of Response to Treatment
Reliable Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers and Novel Target Discovery

About Us


Harness the power of AI to revolutionize personalized medicine and
drug development, improving clinical outcomes


AI / CNN platform derives multiplex predictive
models by synchronizing tissue morphology and its multi-omics
information for highly accurate prediction of response to therapy
and novel target discovery

Our Platform

PathomIQ Platform enables scalable personalized therapy for major improvement in clinical outcome and quality of life

Standardized Histopathology for accurate and efficient cancer diagnosis and prognosis

Harmonization of histopathology data across the Globe; reducing inter-observer variability for accurate and accelerated diagnosis

Biomarker Identification for cost-effective & informed Patient Selection for clinical trials

Early identification of non-responders to standard-of-care therapy; improved identification of potential responders to new therapy; better patient selection leading to smaller, more cost-effective clinical trials showing greater treatment effect

Companion Diagnostic for novel

Early identification of responders to novel therapies leading to faster and cost-effective therapy development and approval, enabling scalable personalized treatment